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A set of curated exercises to help you prepare for the CKS exam

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A curated collection of exercises to help prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist. The exercises have been segregated into their respective domains as per the CNCF curriculum for CKS.

Exam syllabus

For a more detailed syllabus

Exam style questions

Are you preparing for the CKA/CKAD?

  • Here are a list of online resources to help you pass the CKA/CKAD exams so that you can go for the CKS (as the CKA is a prerequisite for the CKS)
  • Feel free to make a PR in the folder if you find useful resources.

More useful resources and materials

Further reading (articles & books)

  1. Where to begin with the CKS exam?

Slack channels

  1. Kubernetes Community - #cks-exam-prep

K8s and Container Security resources

  1. Mumshad's KodeKloud "Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist" course
  2. CKS practice exam

Other useful CKS repos

  1. Walid Shaari's CKS repo
  2. Abdennour's CKS repo
  3. A simple and comorehensive CLI to prepare for the CKS exam by Abdennour
  4. Kim's CKS Challenge series

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  • Please try to stick to the layout we follow in terms of the README markdown
  • Issue that PR
  • This will be reviewed by the team and merged
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A set of curated exercises to help you prepare for the CKS exam

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