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DNS resolution tracing tool

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This tool performs a DNS resolution by tracing the delegation path from the root name servers, and by following the CNAME chain. Each query is reported with statistics about all delegated name servers.


  • Follow CNAMEs
  • Query all name servers in parallel and report stats for each
  • Report about non glued name server lookup time
  • Enable DNSSEC query option to better emulate name server queries
  • Compute the cold best path as if the resolver started with an empty cache to recurse queried name


Usage: dnstrace [qtype] <domain>

    	Enable/disable colors (default true)


Using homebrew:

brew install rs/tap/dnstrace

From source:

go get

Or download a binary package.


All source code is licensed under the MIT License.

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DNS resolution tracing tool

License:MIT License


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