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App that Displays the NASA Photo of Day

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We'll progressively build a small SwiftUI app that displays the NASA photo of the day. Each installment (commit, post, video) will be broken down into the smallest piece of work that I can imagine at the time. This repo will be the most concise part of the series as the videos will be strictly one take each.

light and dark jupiter


  1. Project Overview YouTube
  2. Try Await URLSession YouTube
  3. Pod Model with Paw and Ducky YouTube
  4. Pod Default YouTube
  5. MVP SwiftUI List View YouTube
  6. AsyncImage YouTube
  7. Task GET Pod YouTube
  8. Push to GitHub YouTube
  9. Placeholder Icon with Bakery YouTube
  10. Optionals YouTube
  11. Exploring the API with Paw YouTube
  12. Json Payloads with Curl and Python YouTube
  13. From JSON to Data to Pod with Tests YouTube
  14. Adding a Read Me Markdown File YouTube
  15. Decoding and Testing Optional Arrays and Properties YouTube
  16. Display Pods with SwiftUI's NavigationView, List, and NavigationLink YouTube Bug Fixes YouTube
  17. Adding and Ignoring App Secrets
  18. Decoding & Formatting Dates
  19. AsyncImagePhase, Resizing, and Scaling
  20. Displaying Optional Video Thumbnails
  21. SwiftUI 'Split View'
  22. Multiple Previews
  23. Obfuscated Logging
  24. Infinite List
  25. Multitasking Support
  26. AccentColor
  27. CoreData Model
  28. CoreData Persistence
  29. CodingKeys
  30. GET by Date
  31. Required Init
  32. CoreData Decodable
  33. CoreData Save & Fetch
  34. CoreData Unique Attributes
  35. SwiftUI Web Links
  36. URLSession GET New & Old
  37. Pod List View Refactor
  38. Debugging with Console
  39. Sidebar Navigation
  40. AsyncImage Auto-Reload
  41. URLSession Get Image
  42. Save & Open Images
  43. CachedAsyncImage
  44. [Markdown Highlighting]


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App that Displays the NASA Photo of Day


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