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Roadmap to becoming a developer in 2022

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Community driven roadmaps, articles and resources for developers

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Roadmaps are being made interactive and have been moved to website.

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Here is the list of available roadmaps with more being actively worked upon.

If you think that these can be improved in any way, please do suggest. Also, if you would like to contribute to existing roadmaps or add a new roadmap, please open an issue or reach out to @kamranahmedse.


Clone the repository, install the dependencies and start the application

git clone git@github.com:kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap.git
npm install
npm run dev


Have a look at contribution docs for how to update any of the roadmaps

  • Suggest changes to existing roadmaps
  • Improve the site's codebase
  • Add new Roadmap
  • Write tests
  • Discuss ideas in issues
  • Spread the word


Have a look at the license file for details