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Automatic installation for AWX (Ansible Tower Communiy) on Linux

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AWX Cloud Installer


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AWX Cloud Installer, developed by Websoft9, is an automatic installation program of AWX based on Ansible and shell. It helps user install AWX and pre-configure required items automatically and users only need to run a command on Linux. It simplifies the complicated installation and initialization process.

System Requirement

System Requirement to install this repository are as following:

Conditions Details Notes
Operating System CentOS7.x, Ubuntu20.04, Amazon Linux2 Optional
Public Cloud AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, HUAWEI ClOUD, Tencent Cloud Optional
Private Cloud KVM, VMware, VirtualBox, OpenStack Optional
Server Configuration vCPU no less than 2 core, Memory no less than 4 GIB, Storage no less than 20 GB, Swap no less than 2GB Bandwidth no less than 100M

To learn more information, please view Installation & Configuration.


Core components of this repository: Nginx, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWX on docker, pgadmin on docker

Learn more about Parameters.


You can install it by the Cloud Installer solution all in one. In addition, you can deploy image published on major Cloud Platform by Websoft9.

All-in-one Installer

Run the automatic installation script with root authority to start the installation. If necessary, users need to make interactive choices, and then wait patiently until the installation is successful.

$ sudo su -
$ wget -N https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Websoft9/ansible-linux/main/scripts/install.sh; bash install.sh -r awx

If the network is broken or blocked, SSH will be interrupted and the installation will fail. Please reinstall.

Image on Cloud

Follow our AWX image for installation on major Cloud Platform.


Administrator Guide


LGPL-3.0, Additional Terms: It is not allowed to publish free or paid image based on this repository in any Cloud platform's Marketplace.

Copyright (c) 2016-present, Websoft9

This program provided by Websoft9 contains a series of software with separate copyright notices and license terms. Your use of the source code for the software included is subject to the terms and conditions of its own license.


How to install and view the latest release?

This repository install way is Docker install, you can view the version from Official URL.
We will check Release version regularly. Update and test this project to ensure that users can successfully install the required version of AWX.

Can I run this repository on Ansible Tower?


Although the results of the deploy by image are consistent with the results of deploy by script, what is the difference between the two deployment methods?

Suggest you read the document Deploy by Image vs Deploy by Script.

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Automatic installation for AWX (Ansible Tower Communiy) on Linux



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