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Pexels API Client

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Install the Pexels API Client with Composer.

"require": {
    "glooby/pexels": "~0.1"


Create an instance of the Pexels API Client by passing in your API token as parameter.

$pexels = new \Glooby\Pexels\Client("xxxxx");

Perform a search, the response gets returned as an array

$response = $pexels->search('london');

Loop trough photos and display them

$photos = json_decode($pexels->search('london')->getBody())->photos;
foreach ($photos as $photo) {
 echo "<img src='{$photo->src->small}' width='{$photo->width}' heigth='{$photo->height}'>"

Example response



Pexels API Client for

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