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vlarn: a classic multi-platform roguelike dungeon-crawl adventure

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VLarn is a free roguelike dungeon crawl adventure game, similar in concept to Hack, Rogue, or Moria, but with a different philosophy, feel, and winning criteria.


VLarn is an Ultra-Larn derivative, descended from Julian Olds' ULarn 1.6.3a, which is descended from David Richerby's, Josh Brandt's, and Josh Bressers' ULarn 1.5.4, which is descended from Phil Cordier's ULarn 2.0, which is descended from Noah Morgan's Larn 12, with James McNamara's patches.


VLarn includes both a graphical tiled interface, as well as a classic ASCII text UI, with optional menu items for most commands.


VLarn is currently available for Unix, Windows, and Amiga systems.

Ports are currently in the works for Multics, Atari ST, and OpenVMS.

Like ULarn 1.6, VLarn is easily portable to different systems, with all system-dependent code isolated in separate modules.


VLarn is a direct descendant of Julian Olds' ULarn 1.6 branch.


Issue Tracking

  • You may contact the VLarn maintainer, Jeffrey H. Johnson, via e-mail at <>, with bug reports or questions. Please include 'VLarn' in the Subject line.

Name and Branding

To avoid user confusion or version clashes with other Larn/ULarn derivatives, the next release of VLarn will be VLarn 5.0.0.

This future release will incorporate changes and additions from Josh Bressers' ULarn 1.7, as well as Nathan Tenny's 'Variant ULarn' release 1.5.4.

New features in VLarn 5-alpha

  • Adjusted maps to not require diagonal movements.
  • Extended time limits
  • Tweaked carrying capacity
  • Increased checkpoint frequency
  • Lemmings less aggressive
  • Modified scoreboard system
  • Removed Dealer McDope's pad
  • Negative score prevention
  • Various bits of code clean-up
  • Default to ncurses (legacy curses remains supported)

New features in ULarn 1.6 Patchlevel 3a

  • Windows message using GetMessage instead of PeekMessage
  • Fixed an end-of-game winners' scoreboard bug

New features in ULarn 1.6 Patchlevel 3

  • Resurrected curses-based (ASCII text/TTY) interface
  • Amiga (AGA) port
  • Improved graphic tile set
  • Display improvements for Windows systems
  • Potion of Heroism and Coke now correctly wear off
  • Ring of Strength enchantment level corrections
  • Winner's Scoreboard expanded
  • Larn Revenue Service back taxes can now be paid
  • Enhanced text formatting for paying taxes
  • Corrected output of error messages during initialization
  • Fixed bugs in Vaporise Rock spell for difficulty level 4+
  • Removed unneeded function calls causing extra map redraws
  • Fixed calculation of AC and WC when destroying armor or weapons
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vlarn: a classic multi-platform roguelike dungeon-crawl adventure



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