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:mag_right: Nodejs Reflection API for PHP files based on the php-parser

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PHP Reflection

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Nodejs Reflection API for PHP files based on the php-parser


npm install php-reflection --save


var reflection = require('php-reflection');
var workspace = new reflection.Repository('/home/devbox/my-project', {
    // actual default options :
    exclude: ['.git', '.svn'],
    include: ['./'],
    ext: [
    scanVars: true,
    scanExpr: true,
    encoding: 'utf8',
    cacheByFileSize: true
var workers = [
Promise.all(workers).then(function() {
    console.log('-- list of functions :');
    workspace.getByType('function').each(function(fn) {
        console.log('Function Name : ',;
        console.log('Located into : ', fn.getFile().name);
        console.log('At line : ', fn.position.start.line);

Read the API docs for more details.

What it can do

  • Fully reflection support (classes, inheritance, documentation blocks)
  • Recursively scan directories and add files to repository
  • Request cross files elements (like retrieving a class)
  • Put in-memory documents structure (with a small memory footprint)
  • You can use a cache engine for the repository
  • It avoids parsing a file that is already in memory and not modified since last parsing
  • Symbols relations (what variable instanciate a class, or who extends that class)
  • A cool (and really fast) requesting engine for retrieving elements

What you could do with it

  • Write a documentation generator
  • Write a static code generator based on relection (like an ORM)
  • Write a code analysis tool (like phpMessDetector)
  • Write a code completion plugin

... if you want to share an idea or your project make a pull request


WIP Disclaimer

This project is actually on it's early alpha stage. It may progress rapidly, so watch the project if you are interested to use it.

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:mag_right: Nodejs Reflection API for PHP files based on the php-parser

License:BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License


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