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A Karma JS Framework to support sharding tests to run in parallel across multiple browsers

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Need to run same piece of code from js file on two emulators with different configuration

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First, when projects have an Issue Template, please fill it out. It does not help either one of us when you do not do give me the requested information.

If I understand your request, you want to run a test on multiple browsers, with slight variations depending on the browser. Is that correct? If so, that would be very possible without the use of this plugin, (although you could use this plugin and still accomplish your desired behavior).

First, add the set of browsers and the required launchers you want to test on:

// karma.conf.js
browsers: ['Chrome', 'Firefox', 'Safari', etc...]
// In a test file
it('should run a browser specific test', function() {
  // Test the `navigator.userAgent` to determine which browser you are running in

And like I mentioned, the above example would work if you use karma-parallel or not.

I'm closing this as it is more of a normal karma pattern than regarding this plugin.

My explanation can accomplish that and it does not use karma-parallel.