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callThrough is not a function

Frrede opened this issue · comments

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    When I use karma-parallel (in an angular 5 project) I get the error callThrough is not a function when running karma with code coverage.
    This is because lodash version 3.1 is used in my project and is returning an array there: is used in reporter.js const callThrough =, args) => { ...

So I guess one have to define a lodash version >4 in karma-parallel package.json to ensure the correct lodash version?

Ahh yes you can try to define that as a temp workaround, but I will remove fix this dependency issue. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t declared it as a dependency. I will either remove the dependency or declare it explicitly. Thanks for pointing this out!

thank you, great plugin btw! =)

Thanks! Fixed in 0.2.2