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A Karma JS Framework to support sharding tests to run in parallel across multiple browsers

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No support for Circle CI

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The karma-parallel package fails to execute on the Circle CI 2.0

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I am using the angular 7 project. Update your karma.conf.js file as per the karma-parallel documentation and then raise a PR and build your project using Circle CI. The parallelOptions.executors value should be > 1 (I took an example as 2)

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Should run the tests in parallel and reduce the build time

Looking for fixes/support for Circle CI

Closing this issue as it was the node --max_old_space_size=8096 that was causing the issue. Increased the value to 16192 and it worked!

@akashkriplani25 were you able to run this in circle-ci and utilize multiple containers or would just just run all in the same container?