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Failure specs - getting async call back errors

rick-sanchez666 opened this issue · comments

I'm getting error for different specs each time by running ng test.

Error thrown in console:
Error: Timeout - Async callback was not invoked within timeout specified by jasmine.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL.

parallelOptions: {
executors: 2,
shardStrategy: 'round-robin'

note: Also if i'm increasing executors , specs failures are also increasing

Have you tried increasing the timeout a little bit to see if it fixes it? I would be interested if it fails even with a very high timeout. Are your tests expensive?

I got the same issue and investigating.

I am unable to reproduce this error, i suspect it is due to a real timeout issue as NG tests can be very expensive due to their compile before each test.

Due to inability reproduce, I am going to close this. Please post a sample project with repro steps and I will reopen and investigate.