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jnsgruk's dotfiles/automation

This repository contains both my configs/dotfiles and some associated Ansible Roles I use for setting up my machines.


  • Ensure this works for Raspbian/RaspberryPi OS
  • Make code compliant with ansible-lint rules

What does this do?

  • Download and install Ansible
  • Check for an overrides.yml file, and create one if it doesn't exist
  • Offer the opportunity to edit the overrides.yml before contining
  • Provision the host with Ansible according to the preferences in the overrides.yml

Installation methods

Aside from simply cloning this repo and running the installer, like so:

$ git clone https://github.com/jnsgruk/dotfiles
$ ./dotfiles/setup.sh

There are two alternate installation methods. The latest release contains two install scripts:

  • installer.sh is a self-contained, self-extracting installer that when run, will extract an archive of this repository into the current working directory and then run the installer
  • net-provision.sh will install git, then proceed to clone this repo into ~/dotfiles and run the installer

What is the overrides file?

The override.yml file is created during setup, and used to toggle which roles are applied to the machine. An example is:

install_shell: true
install_fonts: true

What do the roles do?

There are README files for each of the Roles. They should answer any questions...

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Dotfiles and associated automation

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