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PancakeSwap trading bot - Only New pair detected ?

ozgurk78 opened this issue · comments

Hello Everbody ,

PancakeSwap trading bot very complicated for beginner , I propose ; part by part.

  1. stage : Only detected : "New pair detected"

  2. stage : Buy new shit token

so , ı need only "New pair detected" bot

Like this : Only detected :

New pair detected
token0: 0x48aBf1Ac9f66B508Ed40F07F1741eB62289e0051
token1: 0xbb4CdB9CBd36B01bD1cBaEBF2De08d9173bc095c
pairAddress: 0x1b540C8411843463DdFF4A1Ac8D8930B1291C4F7

how can do this ? , can you help me for code , it must be very easy

I remember with this code the address needed to be absolutely correct. that means checksummed. Since we use a == exact compare if you don't have the checksummed address it will fail to catch it as they are slightly different. here is a site to checksum your address and see if that was it. https://ethsum.netlify.app. The difference will be only some letters capitalized in address eg: 0x48ABf1AC9f66B508Ed40F07F1741EB62289E0051. vs 0x48aBf1Ac9f66B508Ed40F07F1741eB62289e0051

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