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About the detection event of "348-pancakeswap-trading-bot"

tkc310 opened this issue · comments

I have watched your youtube course on how to create a bot to be used on pancakeswap.

I would like to ask a question after actually using the bot.

In the bot, the event "PairCreated" is used as a trigger for trade execution when token liquidity is added.

factory.on('PairCreated', async (token0, token1, pairAddress) => {

However, some recent tokens are not "PairCreated" to trigger the token to become available for purchase, probably to prevent bots.
For example, the following thread on reddit

In fact, I tried to trade a token like BSCPAD, which has Launchpad as an agent, with "PairCreated" as the trigger when it was listed on pancakeswap, but I failed.

I'm looking into alternative events or logic to trigger trades other than "PairCreated", do you have any knowledge or ideas about this?