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Apereo CAS Server web application running inside a docker container.

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Central Authentication Service (CAS) License


This repository hosts the Docker build configuration necessary to build a CAS image. See the Dockerfile for more info.


A docker image for CAS server. Images are tagged to match CAS server releases.


  • Docker version 1.9.x ~ 1.13.x



  • The image will be available on the host via ports 8080 and 8443
  • You must check the Dockerfile to ensure the right branch from the CAS overlay project is pulled/cloned.
  • Check the CAS overlay project itself to figure out the targetted CAS release.


  • Update the thekeystore file with the server certificate and chain if you need access the CAS server via HTTPS.
  • The password for the keystore is changeit.
  • The build will automatically copy the keystore file to the image
  • The embedded container packaged in the overlay is pre-configured to use that keystore for HTTPS requests.


Make sure that both build.sh and run.sh are updated to build the appropriate tag. Docker tags MUST correspond to CAS server versions.

NOTE: On windows, you may want to run bash first so you can execute shell scripts.

./build.sh $CasVersion

The image will be built as apereo/cas:v$CasVersion.


./run.sh $CasVersion


  • New images shall be released at the time of a new CAS server release.
  • Image versions are reflected in the build|run.sh files and need to be updated per CAS/Image release.
  • Images are published to https://hub.docker.com/r/apereo/cas/
./push.sh $CasVersion


Apereo CAS Server web application running inside a docker container.


License:Apache License 2.0


Language:Shell 100.0%