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OpenSea Sales Twitter Bot

A (quickly put together) bot that monitors Opensea sales for a given collection & then posts them to Twitter.


If you find this script/repo useful for your project, any ETH/Altcoin/NFT donations are greatly appreciated 🙏

Eth Address: 0xDCA88f66CEc8972D23DE7d5e69c40E087C92132f


  • Twitter Developer Account

  • Heroku Account (a free account should be fine if you tweak the project to run less often than every minute (by default it is every minute), otherwise a $7 a month dyno instance is more than enough).


  • Clone/Fork/Copy this project to your local public/private git repo

  • Create a Twitter Developer App (make sure you change it to have both read/write permissions)

  • Create a new Heroku app & set it as a remote branch of your git repo (see Heroku Remote)

  • Make sure you are logged in to the Twitter account you want the bot to run on (as the next step will be authorizing the bot to post on your account)

  • Install Twurl and, using your Twitter Developer consumer key & secret, generate the access token & access secret

In the Settings section of your Heroku app you'll see a Config Vars section. Add the following config vars:

  • CONSUMER_KEY - Your Twitter Developer App's Consumer Key
  • CONSUMER_SECRET - Your Twitter Developer App's Consumer Secret
  • ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY - The Access Token Key of the Twitter Account your bot is posting from
  • ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET - The Access Token Secret of the Twitter Account your bot is posting from
  • OPENSEA_COLLECTION_SLUG - The OpenSea collection name you wish to track (e.g. cryptopunks)

Now you're ready to release - just push up the code via. git to the Heroku remote (see Heroku Remote if unsure how).

Make sure you are using worker dynos and not web dynos - you can set this in the CLI your project with:

heroku ps:scale web=0
heroku ps:scale worker=1


By default I am just include the name, price in eth & usd, a hashtag or two and a link to the NFT on OpenSea. Check out the OpenSea Events API if you want to include additional info (such as seller/buyer addresses etc.).

There is tweetWithImage function that you can use instead of the default tweet method if you prefer - this will display the full image file as part of the tweet, instead of the standard OpenSea preview image.

In app.js, on line 24 you can see there's a commented out conditional if you'd like to only tweet out sales above a certain amount of Eth.

As mentioned at the top of the README, it runs every 60 seconds by default - you can change this to run less often if you'd like to keep it on a free Heroku instance.


This code is licensed under the ISC License.

Please include proper attribution to my original project if you fork or modify this project in any way. Thank you!

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