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For the distributed charts search at (under development)

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Helm Hub

The Helm Hub repository contains the documentation and some configuration for the distributed public repository search hosted by Helm that can be found at

Distributed Search

Helm was designed with many distributed repositories in mind. This is why the Helm CLI has commands to manage adding, updating, listing, and removing them. Repositories are hosted by many people and organizations. Sometimes these are private and sometimes they are public with a goal of distributing applications.

Discovering the charts hosted by the Helm project via the stable and incubator repositories has been relatively easy. We want to go further and make it possible to discover the charts and repositories being hosted by others.

The Hub provides a means to more easily find charts that are hosted outside the Helm project. This has implications for those who build and distribute charts including:

  • They can manage the workflow around releases themselves
  • They can track metrics around the use of their charts

How To Add Your Helm Charts

The process to add a repository and all of its charts is documented in the file. This includes the guidelines that need to be followed to be listed along with the functional parts of the process.


This project is in its early stages with plenty of room for improvement including UX improvements, the back-end application, and the process used to manage the Hub itself.

Contributions to the process happen in this repository while the software powering the Hub is Monocular, a Helm project.


The following licenses used:

  • Apache 2.0 for code
  • Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License for documentation
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For the distributed charts search at (under development)

License:Apache License 2.0