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A Home Assistant integration to receive live data sent from the LeafSpy app

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Instructions for configuration of android app

haberda opened this issue · comments

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
It is unclear how to configure the leafspy app to use this integration.

Describe the solution you'd like
Can you provide some basic instructions on how to configure the app to report back to this integration?

Thanks for adding the documentation.

I think my problem is deeper. I noticed that when I installed it originally I was not presented with anything. Now seeing the documentation you added, it looks like I should be getting a prompt to get the webhook URL and secret. But when I install the integration, after I click submit, the integration is just added. I noticed that if I look at the config json in the .storage folder that I can get the secret, but I still don't have the webhook.

So I turned on debug logging and got this:
2021-02-03 17:10:58 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection] [139936993610048] Sending {'id': 55, 'type': 'result', 'success': True, 'result': {'resources': {'component.leafspy.config.abort.one_instance_allowed': 'Only a single instance is necessary.', 'component.leafspy.config.create_entry.default': '\n\nOpen the Leaf Spy app, go to `Menu` -> `Settings` and scroll down to `Server`. \nChange the following settings:\n - `Enable`: Yes\n - `Send Interval` can be whatever you prefer.\n - `ID`: `<Car Name>`\n - `PW`: {secret}\n - `Http` or `Https` depending on the access to your Home Assistant install.\n - `URL`: {url} - Note: **Do not** add http or https to the URL.', 'component.leafspy.config.step.user.description': 'Are you sure you want to set up Leaf Spy?', 'component.leafspy.config.step.user.title': 'Set up Leaf Spy'}}}

This seems to indicate that there is already something setup, but I had removed the integration->restarted hass->then reinstalled it. I even removed it from HACS. Anyway, is it detecting that a webhook exists somewhere and then just aborting?

Hmm, yeah I just tried that myself on a fresh HA and the screen just goes dark... Ill take another look at that part

Awesome! Thanks!

I fixed it. My string description that was supposed to show up was broken because it had string and I looked at others which had 'string' and that seems to work 🤷

Try 0.1.3 now and close this if its working for you

Cool, with this version I get the prompt with the URL and secret. Now to test the app


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