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A Home Assistant integration to receive live data sent from the LeafSpy app

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compatible with last HA 2021.12.3 ?

zekje opened this issue · comments

hi, i have tried to install ha-leafspy on two way :
create leafspy folder , download all files
or by hacs and download leafspy

after reboot, i have not found leaf spy a the 7. configuration ( In the HA UI go to "Configuration" -> "Integrations" click "+" and search for "Leaf Spy" ) no "leaf spy" found , so i can't continue ...

i have installed 0.1.2 by HACS and it's OK . now i ll try to update to 0.1.6

I use this everyday and generally keep my HA instance up to date, and I have not noticed any errors so far.

i didn't konw how it fail last time ( perhaps rest of prévious installation ) ,
when i have installed 0.1.2 ( by hacs ) i have the information with code :)
i have updated to 0.1.6 ( and 0.1.7 today ) and it's works fine (thank's)

i close this issue

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