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How can I tell which smart plug version I have?

axilleas opened this issue · comments

👋 I see there are two configs for the smart plug:

I have this plug:

Model: PG01
50Hz 16A

Which config should I use?


Athom now have the yaml on each product page, so these config probably can be considered deprecated since we have official ones now for all of their products, even the CCT bulbs (15W ones).

These configs are not exactly deprecated. I keep this repo up to date, and PR into their actual repo which should be considered the true source

@axilleas The plug you have is

@jesserockz Ah, gotcha. But yes, I'd consider their repo the definitive version as well.

Thanks! Their repo doesn't have issues enabled, so I followed the trail back to this repo and opened an issue in the hope someone would answer me 😄

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