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Read ELM327 from Nissan Leaf, modern customizable interface.

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Happy Leaf



Happy LEAF aims to be the missing interface from the original Nissan LEAF. First gen EV drivers were given a very restrictied view of the future of transportation. Ease range anxiety by knowing exactly how much energy you have left, with a more intiutive and customizable overview of your vehicle.

Happy Leaf requires an OBD device to communicate with your Leaf. They are readily available online.

Core Dependencies


Install node js.

git clone
cd HappyLeaf
npm install
bower install

Run Happy LEAF in the browser

ember serve

Run Happy LEAF on a device

ember cdv:serve

Visit http://locahost:4200


  • Make a pull request :)
  • Currently tests folder needs to be deleted (after ember generate)
  • Working tests would be nice.. maybe automated in the future.


See the translation.js files. Copy this file, and translate into your locale. The language also needs to be added to the languages array in app/components/ui/settings-dialog.js

languages: [{
    short: "en"
    short: "fr"
  },... ect
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Read ELM327 from Nissan Leaf, modern customizable interface.

License:Apache License 2.0


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