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Play mp3 files from SD via I2S

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Plays mp3, m4a and wav files from SD card via I2S with external hardware. HELIX-mp3 and -aac decoder is included. Works with MAX98357A (3 Watt amplifier with DAC), connected three lines (DOUT, BLCK, LRC) to I2S. For stereo are two MAX98357A necessary. AudioI2S works with UDA1334A (Adafruit I2S Stereo Decoder Breakout Board) and PCM5102A. Other HW may work but not tested. Plays also icy-streams and GoogleTTS. Can be compiled with Arduino IDE. WIKI

#include "Arduino.h"
#include "WiFi.h"
#include "Audio.h"
#include "SD.h"
#include "FS.h"

// Digital I/O used
#define SD_CS          5
#define SPI_MOSI      23
#define SPI_MISO      19
#define SPI_SCK       18
#define I2S_DOUT      25
#define I2S_BCLK      27
#define I2S_LRC       26

Audio audio;

String ssid =     "*******";
String password = "*******";

void setup() {
    pinMode(SD_CS, OUTPUT);      digitalWrite(SD_CS, HIGH);
    WiFi.begin(ssid.c_str(), password.c_str());
    while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) delay(1500);
    audio.setPinout(I2S_BCLK, I2S_LRC, I2S_DOUT);
    audio.setVolume(21); // 0...21

//    audio.connecttoFS(SD, "/320k_test.mp3");
//    audio.connecttohost("");
//    audio.connecttohost("");
//    audio.connecttohost(""); //  128k aac
      audio.connecttohost(""); //  128k mp3
//    audio.connecttohost(""); // m4a
//    audio.connecttohost(""); // wav
//    audio.connecttospeech("Wenn die Hunde schlafen, kann der Wolf gut Schafe stehlen.", "de");

void loop()

// optional
void audio_info(const char *info){
    Serial.print("info        "); Serial.println(info);
void audio_id3data(const char *info){  //id3 metadata
    Serial.print("id3data     ");Serial.println(info);
void audio_eof_mp3(const char *info){  //end of file
    Serial.print("eof_mp3     ");Serial.println(info);
void audio_showstation(const char *info){
    Serial.print("station     ");Serial.println(info);
void audio_showstreamtitle(const char *info){
    Serial.print("streamtitle ");Serial.println(info);
void audio_bitrate(const char *info){
    Serial.print("bitrate     ");Serial.println(info);
void audio_commercial(const char *info){  //duration in sec
    Serial.print("commercial  ");Serial.println(info);
void audio_icyurl(const char *info){  //homepage
    Serial.print("icyurl      ");Serial.println(info);
void audio_lasthost(const char *info){  //stream URL played
    Serial.print("lasthost    ");Serial.println(info);
void audio_eof_speech(const char *info){
    Serial.print("eof_speech  ");Serial.println(info);

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Play mp3 files from SD via I2S

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:C++ 96.7%Language:C 3.3%