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Official repository of the Hugo Wi-Fi Remote

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This is an official repository of Hugo, ESP8266 4-button remote.

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RELEASE 1.4.1 bugfix (16/11/2019)

  • Fixes an issue with input values not being saved in config portal

RELEASE 1.4 (3/11/2019)

  • All sketches: Config AP name change
  • MQTT Sketch: Battery is now automatically registered in Home Assistant
  • HTTP Sketch: Added support for HTTPS, binary size optimizations

RELEASE 1.3 MQTT (24/8/2019):

  • Major MQTT firmware update, it's now fully compatible with home assistant incl. auto discovery

RELEASE 1.3 (14/7/2019):

  • Button combinations added, that means 3 additional "virtual" buttons to use.
  • MQTT firmware added

Useful links

3D printable case available here:

Want a ready made Hugo? Get it here:

Want to make your own? Head over to Schematic directory for schematic and a list of compontents.

If you use diyHue emulator, just head to Firmwares directory for diyHueTapSwitch sketch!
diyHue github:



Official repository of the Hugo Wi-Fi Remote

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