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Matrix Ansible all-in-one

Matrix Channel

Nothing to see here yet, just some discussions/planning

Target audience

  • people setting up a server for their peergroup with limited sysadmin knowledge
  • sysadmins that don't want to think about the stuff much



  • synapse
  • riot
  • bridges:
    • telegram
    • discord
    • whatsapp
    • ???
  • matrix-ircd
  • mjolnir
  • matrix-media-repo
  • coturn
  • web dashboards (need to be built first):
    • invite links for registration available for existing users
    • very basic admin panel

Tech Stack

  • Ansible for config management and deployment
  • Containers (Docker first, Podman later)
  • Traefik for TLS and reverse proxying


  • mdbook

Bikeshedding Topics

  • ansible galaxy vs git submodules