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SEC310: Data protection at scale using Enhanced Macie

Diagram of implementation

Getting started

  1. Delegate an administrator account

Macie allows for a similar delegation to the GuardDuty service, so a single account can act as the main orchestration point. Delegating an account admin means that all of findings generated from jobs will be available for download in the console or using the API and this account now has readonly access to Organizations data. The admin account can then enable and manage Macie in all of the member accounts. It is also possible to integrate accounts that live outside of the admin's organization by inviting it.

  1. Aggregate S3 life-cycle events for creating and canceling classification jobs

Using EventBridge, a rule can be deployed to each account that should be brought into scope which matches for s3:CreateBucket and s3:DeleteBucket. As a target for the rule, a custom event bus can be set up in the delegated administrator account which will allow funneling all account S3 life-cycle events into a single rule.

  "source": [
  "detail-type": [
    "AWS API Call via CloudTrail"
  "detail": {
    "eventSource": [
    "eventName": [

Tracking the life-cycle of an S3 bucket allows for creation and cancellation of classification jobs. When creating a job, it can be beneficial to flesh out the s3JobDefinition which can allow object level scoping based on file attributes or tags. Additional custom classifiers can be added as well as adjusting the job to be scheduled. For canceling a job, all jobs are listed looking for the job containing the single bucket that has been deleted.

  1. Route the Macie findings to the proper teams infrastructure

Setting up a rule from the pre-baked patterns that EventBridge provides, Macie finding events can be captured and acted on. This is the same data that is aggregated in the console when viewing or exporting. Establishing a similar architecture as above, these events of sensitive data being identified and classified can be routed into a different account for additional analysis (SIEM/logging account). On top of routing to other resources, we can attach multiple targets to the an event and take multiple actions.

  "source": [
  "detail-type": [
    "Macie Finding"

The rule that is provisioned in the admin account currently has no targets set. This will allow for optional routing into the the desired resources or simply deleting the rule and taking advantage of the console which allows for exporting.


There are effectively two pieces that need to be deployed, one is the EventBridge rule living in the member accounts which will capture events and aggregate them back to the second half which will manage classification job management.

  1. Deploy the SAM application into the delegated admin account
sam build -t template.cfn.yaml
sam deploy
  1. Deploy eventrules.cfn.yaml as a stackset





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