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OS X Power Management for Node.js

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OS X Power Management for Node.js

This module enables the control over power management functionality within Mac OS X 10.6 or newer. For additional information regarding this functionality, please see my blog post about this topic at:



$ npm install pmset

Installation via source

$ git clone https://github.com/jbenden/node-pmset.git node-pmset.git
$ cd node-pmset.git
$ npm install

Example Usage

> pmset = require("pmset");
{ noIdleSleep: [Function],
noDisplaySleep: [Function],
release: [Function] }
> a = pmset.noDisplaySleep("Node.js testing");
> pmset.release(a);
(^C again to quit)


If you are unable to install the module, due to errors about missing Xcode header files or related, then follow the source installation instructions and change the include path in binding.gyp.

Methods Available

The module supports the following methods:

  • (int) noIdleSleep(string)
  • (int) noDisplaySleep(string)
  • (int) noSystemSleep(string)
  • (int) noUserIdleSystemSleep(string)
  • (int) noUserIdleDisplaySleep(string)
  • (int) noDiskIdle(string)
  • release(int)

To get a better understanding of what these different options mean, see the Apple header file pwr_mgt/IOPMLib.h inside of the platform SDK folder. Additionally, check out the local unit-tests for more information about the correct usage of these functions.


OS X Power Management for Node.js

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