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A C/C++ header to help move #ifdefs out of your code

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For documentation, see https://nemequ.github.io/hedley/. There is an easy-to-read user guide, and full API documentation.

Brief Description

Hedley is C a header file designed to smooth over some platform-specific annoyances. The idea is to get rid of a bunch of the #ifdefs in your code and put them in Hedley instead or, if you haven't bothered with platform-specific functionality in your code, to make it easier to do so. This code can be used to improve:

  • Static analysis — better warnings and errors help you catch errors before they become a real issue.
  • Optimizations — compiler hints help speed up your code.
  • Manage public APIs
  • Visibility — keeping internal symbols private can make your code faster and smaller.
  • Versioning — help consumers avoid functions which are deprecated or too new for all the platforms they want to support.
  • … and more!

You can safely use Hedley in your public API. If someone else includes a newer version of Hedley later on, the newer Hedley will just redefine everything, and if someone includes an older version it will simply be ignored.

It should be safe to use any of Hedley's features; if the platform doesn't support the feature it will be silently ignored.


A C/C++ header to help move #ifdefs out of your code



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