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My Dotfiles (Dockerized)

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This repository contains my personal configuration files for development on Windows && macOS && Linux (mainly for Arch).

It's not recommended to directly copy my configs, unless you know what they mean. Google and the manual pages are your best friends when exploring the open source world.

However I built a docker image for portable development, you can try it out if you are interested in my config :)

This docker image is based on openSUSE Tumbleweed and will be built every 3 days. It features the following:

  • Vim/Neovim
  • Zsh
  • Tmux
  • Some UNIX Development Tools

To try it, install docker and run this command:

docker run -it sainnhe/dotfiles:latest zsh

To access local directory in this docker image, use:

docker run -v <workdir-on-local-machine>:/root/work -it sainnhe/dotfiles:latest zsh

Where <workdir-on-local-machine> is the path of the directory you want to access on your local machine.

This directory will be mounted to /root/work so you can access it through this path in docker.


  • Don't forget to install nerd font for your terminal emulater.
  • Execute tmuxinit in zsh to start a tmux session.
  • Press Ctrl-Space twice to launch tmux-fzf which can help you better manage tmux environment.
  • Execute colorscheme in zsh to switch color schemes.
  • Press Space in Vim/Neovim normal mode to get a set of shortcuts.


MIT && Anti-996 © sainnhe

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My Dotfiles (Dockerized)




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