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Dockerised abuild (mirror of https://git.alpinelinux.org/docker-abuild)

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A Docker-ised abuild for invocation from within an aports/ tree. Attempts to auto-detect which branch of aports/ is checked out, and use an appropriately based container for running abuild.


The dabuild script is generated from dabuild.in on make dabuild. This ensures synchronisation of volume names. By default, the dabuild script then uses the Docker image mor1/dabuild. To use a different image, set the IMG variable in the Makefile and then make dabuild.

On invocation from within an aports/ tree, the script will determine the root of the tree (.../aports/) and bind mount it into the container at /home/builder/aports. It also bind mounts $HOME/.abuild for configuration and .../aports/../packages for abuild to output packages.

Building without fetching

Per normal usage, if you use the -K switch, then the build, source, etc directories will be left alone on completion. If you then invoke as dabuild build, then the source will not be re-fetched -- useful when you wish to edit the source to debug a package build.


The script attempts to support caching via named volumes. To turn on caching, invoke as

DABUILD_CACHE=true abuild [options]

To clean the cache before continuing, invoke as

DABUILD_CACHE=true DABUILD_CLEAN=true abuild [options]

Known Issues

  • Docker doesn't support IPv6 well, so if a package's tests make use of IPv6 they are likely to fail. Observed with community/libgdata and fixed.
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Dockerised abuild (mirror of https://git.alpinelinux.org/docker-abuild)

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