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Tmux for work

Disclaimer: The main features and main work are done by gpakosz. I only added a few features, so the config fits my workflow. Shoutout to @gpakosz.


  • Red turning indicator if panes are synced
  • Nested remote session aware
  • Per pane title
  • Vi mode
  • Highligt focused pane

In my setting the colors are tweaked to look like gruvbox.

And all features from .tmux



You can simply use the install script to create some symlinks.

$ cd ~
$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/jbenden/.tmuxist.git
$ ./.tmuxist/install.sh

Or you can use fancy GNU stow (which does pretty much the same)

$ cd ~
$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/jbenden/.tmuxist.git
$ cd .tmuxist/
$ stow tmux

Remote session awareness

That means that you can use the same config on your remote system and on your local system.

  • Same keybindings
  • Remote status on top / local status on bottom
  • F12 as toogle key for the local keymap so every keystroke is send to the remote session

On the left side of status-right left from the sync indicator is an indicator that tells you wether the keymap is turnded on or off.


  • C-b as prefix key
  • v begin selection in visual mide
  • y copy selection in visual mode
  • <prefix> s toggle pane sync
  • Meta-h select left pane
  • Meta-j select lower pane
  • Meta-k select above pane
  • Meta-l select right pane
  • Meta-c new window
  • Meta-w enter window choose tree
  • Meta-x kill pane
  • Meta-v split window vertical
  • Meta-- split window horizontal
  • Meta-r rename session
  • Meta-X kill session
  • <prefix c new session
  • <prefix X kill session
  • Meta-s enter session choose tree
  • Meta-1 select window 1
  • Meta-2 select window 2
  • Meta-3 select window 3
  • Meta-4 select window 4
  • Meta-5 select window 5
  • Meta-6 select window 6
  • Meta-7 select window 7
  • Meta-8 select window 8
  • Meta-9 select window 9
  • Meta-J previous -window
  • Meta-K next -window
  • F12 toogle keymap on/off (this only exists on local sessions)

And of course all keymappings from .tmux


  • For local settings stick to .tmux.conf.local
  • And for settings in ssh sessions only stick to .tmux.conf.remote


License:MIT License


Language:Shell 100.0%