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πŸŽͺ Rocket League Garage trade bumping automation CLI bot

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πŸŽͺ Rocket League Garage trade bumping automation CLI bot

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The minimum version of Node.js required to run dodgem is 7.6.0 - ensure that this version (or higher) is installed before installing dodgem. To check which version of Node.js you have installed you can run: node -v.

Dodgem is installed globally via the command line from the npm registry with either yarn or npm.

# Via yarn
$ yarn global add dodgem

# Via npm
$ npm install --global dodgem


Dodgem is run globally from the command line with the dodgem command.


Display help and usage information.

dodgem login

Set login credentials for Rocket League Garage.

You will be prompted for your Rocket League Garage email address and password.

dodgem start

Begin the bumping process - you will be prompted for a target and an interval.

Target can be all of your trades or your oldest trade.

All trades is most effective when you have a variety of different active trades - this will bump all of your trades one by one every interval. Oldest trade is most effective when you have lots of duplicate trades and you want to saturate the market - this will bump only your oldest trade every interval.

Interval is the amount of time to wait between bumping. It is recommended to have atleast a 15 minute interval when bumping all trades to prevent bumping too frequently and hitting the 15 minute cooldown timer. When bumping the oldest trade it is recommended to use the following calculation (15 / amountOfTrades) = interval.

dodgem bump <target> <interval>

Begin the bumping process but without a prompt for target & interval.

Intended for more advanced users or users who are running multiple instances of Dodgem via .bat file for example.


  • all - For all of your trades
  • oldest - For only your oldest trade


Number or decimal of how many minutes to wait between bumps.


  • Prosper - πŸ’Ž Rocket League Garage trade aggregation & reporting CLI tool


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see LICENSE.md for details.


The author and any contributors associated with this project are not resposible for the consequences that may occur from the use of this tool.

Users of this tool do so entirely at their own risk - abusing this tool could get you permanently banned from Rocket League Garage.


πŸŽͺ Rocket League Garage trade bumping automation CLI bot


License:MIT License


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