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A script for liquidating undercollateralized account on Mango Markets


To run the liquidator you will need:

  • A Solana account with some SOL deposited to cover transaction fees
  • A Mango Account with some collateral deposited
  • Your wallet keypair saved as a JSON file
  • node and yarn
  • A clone of this repository
  • Dependencies installed with yarn install

Environment Variables

Variable Default Description
CLUSTER mainnet The Solana cluster to use
ENDPOINT_URL https://solana-api.projectserum.com Your RPC node endpoint
KEYPAIR ${HOME}/.config/solana/id.json The location of your wallet keypair
GROUP mainnet.1 Name of the group in ids.json to run the Liquidator against
TARGETS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Space separated list of the amount of each asset to maintain when rebalancing
INTERVAL 3500 Milliseconds to wait before checking for sick accounts
INTERVAL_ACCOUNTS 120000 Milliseconds to wait before reloading all Mango accounts
INTERVAL_WEBSOCKET 300000 Milliseconds to wait before reconnecting to the websocket
LIQOR_PK N/A Liqor Mango account Public Key, by default uses the largest value account owned by the keypair
WEBHOOK_URL N/A Discord webhook URL to post liquidation events and errors to

You can add these varibles to a .env file in the project root to load automatically on liquidator startup. For example:

TARGETS=500 0.1 0.75 0 0 0 0 0


The liquidator will attempt to close all perp positions, and balance the tokens in the liqor account after each liquidation. By default it will sell all token assets into USDC. You can choose to maintain a certain amount of each asset through this process by editing the value in the TARGETS environment variable at the position of the asset. You can find the order of the assets in the 'oracles' property of the group in ids.json The program will attempt to make buy/sell orders during balancing to maintain this level.


yarn liquidator


License:MIT License


Language:TypeScript 100.0%