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Yet Another Responsive CSS Grid System

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Hello there! This is the README file for the JBGrid Responsive CSS Grid System. This grid system is built for modern browsers, which means all recent versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are supported. Internet Explorer is supported from version 9 and up. There are many responsive grid systems available on the Internet. Many of them are more mature and well tested than this one. You should probably use one of those.

That being said, there are some nifty features included in this package, including:

  • 5 built in breakpoints for everything from very tiny to very large screens
  • Setting aspect ratios to container elements
  • Built in sticky positioning

For usage examples and documentation, please see the example.html file. This README will be filled out with more detail as I have time, but until then, the example.html file should help you out with everything you need to know about this grid system.

JBGrid is released under an MIT License. Feel free to use freely in any personal or commerical project.


Yet Another Responsive CSS Grid System

License:MIT License


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