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A fast HTTP server library, which runs Snap web handlers.

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Snap Framework HTTP Server Library

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This is the Snap Framework HTTP Server library. For more information about Snap, read the README.SNAP.md or visit the Snap project website at http://www.snapframework.com/.

The Snap HTTP server is a high performance web server library written in Haskell. Together with the snap-core library upon which it depends, it provides a clean and efficient Haskell programming interface to the HTTP protocol.

Building snap-server


To build the Snap HTTP server, you need to cabal install the snap-core library (which should have come with this package).

Optional dependencies

If you would like SSL support, snap-server requires the openssl library.

Building snap-server

The snap-server library is built using Cabal and Hackage. Just run

cabal install

to install snap-server.

If you would like SSL support, pass the openssl flag to cabal install:

cabal install -fopenssl

Building the Haddock Documentation

The haddock documentation can be built using the supplied haddock.sh shell script:


The docs get put in dist/doc/html/.

Building the testsuite

The snap-server has a fairly comprehensive test suite. To build and run it, cd into the test/ directory and run

$ cabal configure            # for the stock backend, or..
$ cabal configure -fopenssl  # for the SSL backend

$ cabal build

From here you can invoke the testsuite by running:

$ ./runTestsAndCoverage.sh

The testsuite generates an hpc test coverage report in test/dist/hpc.

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A fast HTTP server library, which runs Snap web handlers.


License:BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License


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