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Providing a Calendar Widget and Event creation for iPhone

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Appcelerator Titanium iPhone Module Project

This is a module for Titanium-Mobile, specifically the iPhone part. It allows
the user to create/search and delete events in the calendar, as well as providing
a rough UI (based off of code by TinyFool - Dankeschoen)


1. Run `` which creates your distribution
2. cd to `/Library/Application Support/Titanium`
3. copy this zip file into the folder of your Titanium SDK


1. Copy the zipfile for iOS 4.2 into the directory `/Library/Application Support/Titanium`


Register your module with your application by editing `tiapp.xml` and adding your module.

	<module version="0.1">com.ti.calendar</module>

When you run your project, the compiler will know automatically compile in your module
dependencies and copy appropriate image assets into the application.


To use your module in code, you will need to require it. 

Ex: var ticalendar = require("com.ti.calendar");  


### Com.Ti.Calendar.createItem

This is the function that is called to create a new event. Currently, only
title and startDate are accepted. The events default to a duration of 20
minutes. The item is in MEMORY only at this point, to save it into the 
iphone's calendar, you will need to call saveEvent()

Ex: var ev = Calendar.createItem({title:"Stefs Event", startDate: new Date()});

### Com.Ti.Calendar.saveEvent

Invoking this function on a previously created calendar event will save it.
A dictionary will be passed back, with status and any error message if 

Ex: var p = ev.saveEvent();

### Com.Ti.Calendar.findEvents

Calling this function, and passing in a start and end date will return a 
dictionary of event items from the calendar (upto 9999). 

Ex: var o = Calendar.findEvents({ start: startDate, end: endDate });

### Com.Ti.Calendar.deleteEvent();

This will cause the event to be deleted from the iphone's calendar. A
dictionary will be passed back, with status and any error message.

Ex: var g = ev.deleteEvent();

### Com.Ti.Calendar.createView();

This will display the calendar widget/view. This is not required for
any of the other functions to work. It currently can take a color for
background, a dictionary of events (from the findEvents call), and 
you can also register a callback function for whenever a date is clicked.
In the case of a date being clicked that has events, a structure similiar
to findEvents will be passed back.

Ex: var foo = Calendar.createView({color:"lightgray", events: o,
        eventsSelected: function(e) {
              for (key in {
                  alert([key].title+" starts at "[key].startDate+" and has id of "[key].eventIdentifier);
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Providing a Calendar Widget and Event creation for iPhone