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A modified version of LaTeX Peking University graduate degree thesis template base on CasperVector/pkuthss

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iofu728-pkuthss: Modified version of LaTeX Peking University thesis template base on CasperVector/pkuthss v1.9.2

Overleaf Version is public, welcome to use!


To use pkuthss in the overleaf platform, and to support some customization requirements in writing processing, I redevelop the template of pkuthss.

Modified details:

  • Style Part:

    • Fixed the styles of table of contents(chapter);
    • Fixed KEY WORDS, Title in the cover -> remove the setting of bold;
    • Fixed Font Size / Font in the cover, like title and keys;
    • Hind hreflink;
    • Fixed the format of tables list and figures list;
  • Functional Part:

    • Support library inspection requirements;
    • Supported Overleaf online mode;
    • Support denotation table;
    • Support subfigure \ref, footnote in table;
    • Supported scanned pdf insert(origin and copy pages);
    • Add fontset mode, change bfseries -> AutoFakeBold in windows;
    • Simplify user settings in blind mode;
    • Support multi-lingual format(chinese and english);

Quick Start


  • TextLive(In mac, you can use MacTex)
> cd tex && make all
> cd ../doc/example && latexmk

Notes and Acknowledgments

This code base is built on top of CasperVector/pkuthss.

The following files have been changed

  • .gitignore
  • tex/pkuthss.cls
  • tex/pkuthss-*.def
  • tex/Makefile
  • doc/example/chap/*
  • doc/example/latexmkrc
  • doc/example/thesis.bib
  • doc/example/thesis.tex

ToDo Lists

  • Check Table and Fig Setting.
  • Support Overleaf.
  • Fix table of contents.
  • Support insert pdf (copy and origin pages).
  • Adaptive pkuthss v1.9.2.
  • Support multi-lingual format.

Change Log

See for the detailed changes in each release.

QA in chinese

  1. Q: 原创页使用这种方式生成得到的文件与 Mac 端字体不同。

A: 门户生成的 PDF 文件未嵌入字体,其指定字体为华文宋体(即 STSong),由于各个 PDF 预览器和操作系统预设的字体不同,导致呈现效果差异较大 (据不完全统计,Mac 端 PDF Expert 显示的是苹方简体,Chrome 显示的是方正粗宋,而 Acrobat 显示的是 AdobeSongStd,Windows 端 Edge 显示的是方正悠黑,在这之中 Acrobat 字体效果最为接近)。

请务必使用 Acrobat 进行打印,或者使用 Overleaf 平台生成的文件进行打印。


This repository following LaTeX Project Public License and Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).


A modified version of LaTeX Peking University graduate degree thesis template base on CasperVector/pkuthss


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