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generate plaintext pictures from a hash, similar to OpenSSH's keygen randomart

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A script to present BLAKE2b hashes as small ASCII-art pictures, similarly to OpenSSH's randomart.

This allows easier verification by humans but may not be as secure as a bytewise comparison of the digest!

See the paper Hash Visualization: a New Technique to improve Real-World Security for more information on the concept of random art.

The paper The drunken bishop: An analysis of the OpenSSH fingerprint visualization algorithm analyses the OpenSSH implementation in more detail.

Just to be clear: the input is passed into a hash function and its output is then used to generate the ASCII art. By virtue of BLAKE2b being a cryptographically secure hash function, any change in input will lead to a radically different output.

It should also be explicitly noted that my algorithm is similar but not identical to the "drunken bishop" walk of the OpenSSH implementation. The implementation at hand:

  • flips sides at the borders, which turns the field into a torus
  • moves in all possible directions with distance 1, not only diagonally
  • does not mark start (S) and end (E) and uses a different character palette

I have not performed any similar analysis[2][^2] but would expect my implementation to perform no worse.


Install the latest version with pip directly from GitHub:

pip install git+

Or from PyPI:

pip install randomart


The script expects a file in the first positional argument or otherwise simply reads from standard input. It is thus best suitable for usage in a pipe:

echo 'Hello, World!' |

There are two flags to control the output:

  • --ascii use only ASCII characters for the box frame
  • --hash - print the computed digest before the randomart picture

Otherwise use --help for usage help.

as a library

If you want to use your own hash you can import from random_art.randomart:

from random_art.randomart import draw, drunkenwalk

# generate your hash digest
digest = ...

# generate randomart, HASHNAME must be 10 characters
art = draw(drunkenwalk(digest), HASHNAME)


generate plaintext pictures from a hash, similar to OpenSSH's keygen randomart

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