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Work with withdrawals on Plutus level

anton-k opened this issue · comments

Describe the feature you'd like

At the moment toCardanoTxBody ignores the field txWithdrawals although it would be great to be able to work with withdrawals.
Also testing framework in emulator ignores this fields and always sets it to empty list for TxInfo.
So we can not test the scripts that rely on this feature.

Describe alternatives you've considered

No response

I suppose it's similar to #93.

Citing @koslambrou (can you confirm it please?):

This is something that should be part of the transaction creation library plutus-ledger-constraints. However, we're planning a complete rewrite of this library. Thus, attaching metadata to transactions would be done in this rewrite.

Yeah, it looks similar. Only asks for other fields.
To solve this problem I had to create the fork of toCardanoTxBody.
I wonder for a quick fix can we pass some auxiliary arguments to set up the fields that are missing on Plutus TX
(stake withdrawal, certificates, metadata)?

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