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ValidityRange is not encoded into CBOR when Balancing Transactions

MartorSkull opened this issue · comments


This bug occurs when the PAB tries to encode a transaction, it “forgets” to insert the required fields to denote the ValidityRange. Then when the wallet receives this CBOR it can’t find the fields and so sets the Range to always. This means that any validator using this field to ensure the timing of a transaction will fail if a value different than always is expected.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Using a validator with the following checks:

{-# INLINABLE mkContractValidator #-}
    :: Parameter
    -> MyContractDatum
    -> MyContractRedeemer
    -> ScriptContext
    -> Bool
mkContractValidator _ _ _ ctx =
        "This should only happen when not using the mustValidateIn Constraint"
        (txRange /= always)
    info :: TxInfo
    info = scriptContextTxInfo ctx

    txRange :: POSIXTimeRange
    txRange = txInfoValidRange info

And building the transaction with the following constraint, where ct is the current time:

Constraints.mustValidateIn (interval ct (ct+1500000))

Actual Result

The wallet returns the following error

[pab:Warning:263] [2022-03-07 17:08:01.38 UTC] WalletClientError "FailureResponse (Request {requestPath = (BaseUrl {baseUrlScheme = Http, baseUrlHost = \\"localhost\\", baseUrlPort = 8090, baseUrlPath = \\"\\"},\\"/v2/wallets/3b3bde62a1012e9e9ee0914af0b1ff10faef0ba8/transactions-balance\\"), requestQueryString = fromList [], requestBody = Just ((),application/json;charset=utf-8), requestAccept = fromList [application/json;charset=utf-8,application/json], requestHeaders = fromList []), requestHttpVersion = HTTP/1.1, requestMethod = \\"POST\\"} (Response {responseStatusCode = Status {statusCode = 400, statusMessage = \\"Bad Request\\"}, responseHeaders = fromList [(\\"Transfer-Encoding\\",\\"chunked\\"),(\\"Date\\",\\"Mon, 07 Mar 2022 17:08:01 GMT\\"),(\\"Server\\",\\"Warp/3.3.17\\"),(\\"Content-Type\\",\\"application/json;charset=utf-8\\")], responseHttpVersion = HTTP/1.1, responseBody = \\"{\\\\\\"message\\\\\\":\\\\\\"I was unable to assign execution units to one of your redeemers: spending(1st f3a23879); Its execution is failing with the following error: ValidationFailedV1 (CekError An error has occurred:  User error: The provided Plutus code called 'error'.) [\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"This should only happen when not using the mustValidateIn Constraint\\\\\\\\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"PT5\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"].\\\\\\",\\\\\\"code\\\\\\":\\\\\\"redeemer_script_failure\\\\\\"}\\"})"

Showing the error ["This should only happen when not using the mustValidateIn Constraint","PT5"] which is traced in the on-chain validator shown above.

We found out this was a PAB issue, and not a wallet one, by capturing packets that the PAB sent to the wallet. Inside these packets we found the transaction CBOR, but after decoding it we couldn’t find the expected fields in the transaction_body part of the CBOR (namely, the third and eighth fields, as described here).

Here is the transactions part of the CBOR for the transaction generated and sent by the PAB:

[{0: [[a22bb475acd036f9af74f08de16203fdee13af90ff5f3f882de9a8d8c403c073,
  1: [[709d5501676afa4dea1e0c8ae52a5763a6cbb56030387a8920d9451780,
  2: 0,
  13: [],
  14: []},
 {3: [590bd601000033233322233223322323233322232333222323333333322222222323332223233332222323233223233322232333222323233223322323233...],
  4: [CBORTag(121, [CBORTag(121, [0])])],
  5: [[0, 0, CBORTag(121, []), [0, 0]]]},

Expected Result

The wallet should receive the entire CBOR and run the validator using the correct ScriptContext with the ValidityRange set correctly.

Describe the approach you would take to fix this

No response

System info

This bug was tested in 2 different settings, namely Arch Linux (version: rolling) and Ubuntu (version: 21.10). In both cases, we used the following tags:

  • plutus: 2721c59fd2302b75c4138456c29fd5b509e8340a
  • plutus-apps: c330fc6

Can you check #285 if it's relevant? If so can you try bumping to HEAD of main, or the specific fix in 36a7417?

It seems that it's been solved in that fix. Thanks for helping us.

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