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Android terminal and Linux environment - packages repository.

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Termux packages

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This project contains scripts and patches to build packages for the Termux Android application.

The pakages available here are only from main set. We have some additional repositories:

Termux package management quick how-to available on To learn about using our build environment, read the Developer's Wiki.

Project structure


  • disabled-packages:

    Packages that cannot be published due to serious issues.

  • ndk-patches:

    Our changes to Android NDK headers.

  • packages:

    Main set of packages.

  • sample:

    Sample structure for creating new packages.

  • scripts:

    Set of utilities and build system scripts.


Bug reports

Please, use templates for submitting bug reports. The bug report issue template can be initialized by clicking on

General requirements for bug reports are:

  • All packages are up-to-date.

  • Problem is not related to third-party software.

  • Output of termux-info attached.

  • Be ready to provide more info if requested.

New packages

Use the package request template:

General requirements for new packages are:

  • Packages should be open source and have widely recognised OSS licenses like GNU GPL.

  • Packages should not be installable via language-specific package managers such as gem, pip or cpan.

  • Packages should not be outdated dead projects.

  • Be ready that your package request will not be processed immediately.

Pull Requests

All pull requests are welcome.

We use CI for processing all pushes including pull requests. All build logs and artifacts are public, so you can verify whether your changes work properly.

People who are new for packaging can begin with sending PRs for updating packages. Check the outdated packages on

Get started with information available on Developer's Wiki.


If you are interested in our weekly development sessions, please check the Also, you may want to check the

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Android terminal and Linux environment - packages repository.



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