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Chat widget for October CMS (Suitable for social network or dating site)

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Chat widget for October CMS

This is a free plugin for integrating October CMS with chat service Allows you to add a chat widget for free between users of your site.


Demo site

Plugin for October cms

Source code of the demo site

Technical support


  • Full integration with the user base of your website
  • Single authorisation mechanism in a chat and on a website (users need not sign up in a chat)
  • Chatting between users mano y mano
  • Sending pictures
  • Sending geolocation
  • Sending smiles
  • Real time message delivery
  • It does not load your server (The chat widget uses project servers
  • You can use it on shared hosting
  • It continues correct working even without the Internet (Your messages will be sent as soon the Internet appears)
  • You can build it into HTML5 mobile app

Chat demo

Steps to install a chat widget:

  • Install this plugin on your website
  • Register on the site
  • Go to the widget page. and create yourself a widget
  • In the process of creating a widget, you will need to select "Integration with October CMS" and follow the instructions

Insert a chat component on a page

  • Connect the [imbaChat] component in the page file.
  • [imbaChat] component inserts javascript that initializes the chat widget

{% component 'ImbaChat' %}


Chat widget for October CMS (Suitable for social network or dating site)

License:MIT License


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