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[WIP] Freeswitch ESL implementation in Golang

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The following package create support for Freeswitch ESL in Go Language.

Why ?

There already good implementation for ESL, but on some cases it didn't work well for me.

The way I need a support for ESL:

  • I need to separate events and actions.
  • Ability to connect using backoff to find the best way to connect if it fails.
  • Easy to debug, log agnostic way.
  • Raw vs Parsed support.
  • Minimal dependencies as possible.
  • mod_commands (and ESL interface) support.
  • Support for dptools using API's "execute" command.
  • Test driven development (most of the time) for all my commands.
  • Testing over my Freeswitch's docker repo.

Work in progress

At the moment the package is work in progress that will add more support, when I need it for my projects.

How it works?

package main

import (


const (
	maxRetries uint64        = 24
	timeout    time.Duration = 45 * time.Second

func main() {
	host := os.Getenv("ESLHOST")
	password := os.Getenv("ESLPASSWORD")

	// Connect and login
	socket, err := esl.Connect(host, password, maxRetries, timeout)
	if err != nil {

	defer socket.Close()

	msg, err := socket.API("echo", "Hello World")
	if err != nil {

  // Should print:
  //   Answer: Headers: Content-Type=api/response | Content-Length=11 ; Body: Hello World
	fmt.Printf("Answer: %s\n", msg)


  • Add debug support using callbacks.
  • Finish interface support.
  • Work on supporting events (Dual connection commands and for events).
  • Parse events
  • Work on supporting callbacks for registered events.
  • Examples
  • Better documentation


The following project release under Apache license Version 2.0

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[WIP] Freeswitch ESL implementation in Golang

License:Apache License 2.0


Language:Go 100.0%