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Hyde starter kit by merlinrebrovic is a really nice way to get started with hyde.

Hyde layout for bootstrap by auzigog is also a good alternative if you like Twitter's bootstrap framework.

You can also take a look at Hyde Powered Websites for inspiration and reference.

Currently hyde is only supported on python 2.7.x. Python 3.x support is in progress, thanks to jonafato.

Active development of hyde had stalled for some time, but thanks to llonchj and jonafato there is now a slow but steady progress towards 1.0.

Mailing List: hyde-dev on google groups. IRC: #hyde on freenode


To get the latest released version:

pip install hyde

For the current trunk:

pip install -e git://github.com/hyde/hyde.git#egg=hyde

Creating a new hyde site

The following command:

hyde -s ~/test_site create

will create a new hyde site using the test layout.

Generating the hyde site

cd ~/test_site
hyde gen

Serving the website

cd ~/test_site
hyde serve
open http://localhost:8080

Publishing the website

cd ~/test_site
hyde publish -p github

Hyde supports extensible publishers.


The hyde documentation is published to github pages using this command with the following configuration:

        type: hyde.ext.publishers.dvcs.Git
        path: ../hyde.github.com
        url: git@github.com:hyde/hyde.github.com.git


Currently, the initial path must have clone of the repository already in place for this command to work.


Hyde also has a publisher that acts as a frontend to the awesome PyFS library (thanks to rfk). Here are a few configuration options for some PyFS backends:

        type: hyde.ext.publishers.pyfs.PyFS
        url: zip://~/deploy/hyde/docs.zip
        type: hyde.ext.publishers.pyfs.PyFS
        url: s3://hyde/docs
        type: hyde.ext.publishers.pyfs.PyFS
        url: sftp:hydeuser:hydepassword@hydedocs.org


PyFS is not installed with hyde. In order to use the PyFS publisher, you need to install pyfs separately.

Any PyFS dependencies (Example: boto for S3 publishing) need to be installed separately as well.

pip install fs
pip install boto

To get additional help on PyFS backends, you can run the following command once PyFS is installed:

fsls --listopeners


  1. julien.danjou.info
  2. luffy.cx
  3. Cloudpanic
  4. Hyde Documentation Source

A brief list of features

  1. Evented Plugins: The Plugin hooks allow plugins to listen to events that occur during different times in the lifecycle and respond accordingly.
  2. Metadata: Hyde now supports hierarchical metadata. You can specify and override variables at the site, node or the page level and access them in the templates.
  3. Organization: The sorter, grouper and tagger plugins provide rich meta-data driven organizational capabilities to hyde sites.
  4. Publishing: Hyde sites can be published to variety of targets including github pages, Amazon S3 & SFTP.


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A Python Static Website Generator


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