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Beej's Guide to C

This is the source for Beej's Guide to C.

If you merely wish to read the guide, please visit the Beej's Guide to C website.

This is here so that Beej has everything in a repo and so translators can easily clone it.

Build Instructions


Mac dependencies install (reopen terminal after doing this):

xcode-select --install                  # installs make
brew install python                     # installs Python3
brew install pandoc
brew cask install mactex                # installs XeLaTeX
brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts
brew cask install font-liberation-sans  # installs sans, serif, and mono


  1. Type make from the top-level directory.

    If you have Gnu Make, it should work fine. Other makes might work as well. Windows users might want to check out Cygwin.

  2. Type make stage to copy all the build products and website to the stage directory.

  3. There is no step three.

You can also cd to the src directory and make.

make clean cleans, and make pristine cleans to "original" state.

To embed your own fonts in the PDFs, see the src/Makefile for examples.

The upload target in the root Makefile demonstrates the build steps for a complete release. You'll need to change the UPLOADDIR macro in the top-level Makefile to point to your host if you want to use that. You're free to upload whatever versions you desire individually, as well.

Pull Requests

Please keep these on the scale of typo and bug fixes. That way I don't have to consider any copyright issues when merging changes.


  • More man pages
    • uchar
    • signal
    • fenv
    • float
    • assert
    • locale
    • limits
    • complex
    • inttypes
    • setjmp
    • iso646
    • stdalign
    • stdarg
    • stdatomic
    • stdbool
    • stddef
    • stdint
    • stdnoreturn
    • tgmath
  • Atomic
  • _Static_assert
  • Anonymous structs in unions
  • make primer
  • array init: int a[MAX] = { 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, [MAX-5] = 8, 6, 4, 2, 0 };
  • Exercises

Bug fixes


Beej's Guide to C Programming source


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