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Family finance management app.

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A family finance management app.

Piggy is a side project of Abhith Rajan.

Technology Stack


  • ASP.NET Core
  • Angular

Previously Piggy used to have a functional website with all the features. But the evolution of its mobile app made it redundant. Hence Abhith stopped working on it 🤷, and now the website hosts the APIs only.


  • Flutter

Piggy is a side project of Abhith Rajan, a full-stack dev focussed on different stacks, and flutter is not one of them yet. Hence tons of improvements can be done to the flutter project. If you are a flutter person, have a look at the code and see how you can improve it 🙏.


Development Status

Check out the repository projects tab to see what is planned and what is going on now. High-level planned items can be viewed under the organization's projects.

Piggy works fine for Abhith and his family. If you are interested, we may be able to make it work for you too. Let's discuss further in the discussions.

Mobile App Screenshots

Try it out

Grab the APK from the latest release.

Test Credentials

Family Username Password
Default admin 123qwe




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Family finance management app.



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