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A Twitter app built with Flutter

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a feature rich Twitter experience built with Flutter

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harpy is currently still in development. See the project for more information about the progress.

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harpy is a fully featured Twitter client that focuses on great UI/UX and a clean experience.

This project aims to provide a good example for a medium-big sized Flutter app in hopes that it will be useful for some.

Some interesting features of the app include:

  • flutter_bloc for the main state management, using blocs and cubits.
  • get_it as a service provider that includes the ability to navigate and to show on screen messages from anywhere in the app.
  • sentry as an online error tracking service to report unhandled exceptions.
  • Fully featured theme customization.
  • Fully featured video player using the video_player package.
  • A 'pro' and 'free' android product flavor.

Development / Setup

harpy is being released in the Play Store for Android, therefore only Android devices are used for testing the builds.

Run the build runner once after cloning the project

  • flutter packages pub run build_runner build

Twitter API key

Follow these instructions for setting up your Twitter API key.


The app can be built with the "free" or "pro" flavor by running:

  • flutter run --flavor free --dart-define=flavor=free --dart-define=twitter_consumer_key=your_consumer_key --dart-define=twitter_consumer_secret=your_consumer_secret
  • flutter run --flavor pro --dart-define=flavor=pro --dart-define=twitter_consumer_key=your_consumer_key --dart-define=twitter_consumer_secret=your_consumer_secret
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A Twitter app built with Flutter



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