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One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games.

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One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games. The spiritual successor to XNA with thousands of titles shipped across desktop, mobile, and console platforms. MonoGame is a fully managed .NET open source game framework without any black boxes. Create, develop and distribute your games your way.

Join the chat at https://discord.gg/tsuucV4 Join the chat at https://gitter.im/MonoGame/MonoGame

Build Status

Our build server builds, tests, and packages the latest MonoGame changes. The table below shows the current build status for the develop branch.

Name Status
Build Windows, Web, and Android Build Status
Build Mac, iOS, and Linux Build Status
Windows Tests Build Status
Mac Tests Build Status

Supported Platforms

We support a growing list of platforms across the desktop, mobile, and console space. If there is a platform we don't support, please make a request or come help us add it.

  • Desktop PCs
    • Windows 10 Store Apps (UWP)
    • Windows Win32 (OpenGL & DirectX)
    • Linux (OpenGL)
    • Mac OS X (OpenGL)
  • Mobile/Tablet Devices
    • Android (OpenGL)
    • iPhone/iPad (OpenGL)
    • Windows Phone 10 (UWP)
  • Consoles (for registered developers)
    • PlayStation 4
    • PlayStation Vita
    • Xbox One (both UWP and XDK)
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Google Stadia
  • Other
    • tvOS (OpenGL)

Support and Contributions

If you think you have found a bug or have a feature request, use our issue tracker. Before opening a new issue, please search to see if your problem has already been reported. Try to be as detailed as possible in your issue reports.

If you need help using MonoGame or have other questions we suggest you post on our community forums. Please do not use the GitHub issue tracker for personal support requests.

If you are interested in contributing fixes or features to MonoGame, please read our contributors guide first.


If you'd like to help the project by supporting us financially, consider supporting us via a subscription for the price of a monthly coffee.

Money goes towards hosting, new hardware and if enough people subscribe a dedicated developer.

There are several options on our Donation Page.

Source Code

The full source code is available here from GitHub:

  • Clone the source: git clone https://github.com/MonoGame/MonoGame.git
  • Set up the submodules: git submodule update --init
  • Open the solution for your target platform to build the game framework.
  • Open the Tools solution for your development platform to build the pipeline and content tools.

For the prerequisites for building from source, please look at the Requirements file.

A high level breakdown of the components of the framework:

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The MonoGame project is under the Microsoft Public License except for a few portions of the code. See the LICENSE.txt file for more details. Third-party libraries used by MonoGame are under their own licenses. Please refer to those libraries for details on the license they use.


One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games.




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