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Visualization of survey data.

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Survey Visualizer


This repository hosts the source code for a generic visualization tool for data from survey papers, for readers to explore on the browser. It accepts as input a formatted spreadsheet and produces several views in terms of hierarchy of concepts, document concept similarity, and citation network. See example deployments below.

Setting up locally

Generate files for the Frontend

First you need to provide a configuration file and the source spreadsheet to generate the data for the frontend.

  1. Put all your spreadsheets in this directory and your PDFs (if available) in this directory. Some sample files have been kept there for you.

  2. Configure your config.yaml. See here for an example. Detailed instructions on how to configure your system are available here.

  3. Then run the following:

user:~$ pip install -r requirements.txt
user:~$ python src/compiler/compile.py --file /path/to/config/file

Bringing up the server

  1. Then run the following:
  2. Your survey visualizer will show up locally on localhost:3000. 😍
  3. For deployment, refer to the active deployments listed below.
user:~$ yarn
user:~$ yarn start

How to Contribute

You can contribute in two forms:

  1. Directly to this code base for new features, bug fixes, etc. Open an issue here.
  2. To the surveys that pull from this code base, in the form of new paper entires, updates to the taxonomies, and so on. See below for a list of active deployments.

Active Deployments

Topic Link Contribute Community
Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed-Reality for
Human-Robot Interaction paper paper
vamhri.com Contribute Slack
Explainable AI Planning paper paper explainableplanning.com Contribute Slack
Model Acquisition for Planning paper macq.planning.domains Contribute Slack


Visualization of survey data.

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