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XPC connection bindings for Rust

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XPC connection bindings for Rust.

What is XPC?

A low-level (libSystem) interprocess communication mechanism that is based on serialized property lists for Mac OS. Read more at the Apple Developer website.


Supported Data Types

  • array: Vec<Message>
  • bool: bool
  • data: Vec<u8>
  • date: SystemTime
  • dictionary: HashMap<String, Message>
  • double: f64
  • error: MessageError
  • fd: RawFd
  • int64: i64
  • string: String
  • uint64: u64
  • uuid: Vec<u8>
  • null

Yet to Be Supported Data Types

  • activity
  • endpoint
  • shmem
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XPC connection bindings for Rust


License:MIT License


Language:Rust 99.9%Language:C 0.1%